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  • The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996)
    The Mandate of and environment within which National, Provincial and Local Government Financial Departments and Treasuries operate, is specifically described in Chapter 13: General Financial Matters.
  • Division of Revenue Act
    Provides for the equitable division of revenue raised nationally, inclusive of conditional grants, amongst the three spheres of government, and matters incidental thereto.
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act 75 of 1997)
    Provides regulatory prescripts, in addition to the Public Service Act, 1994 and the Public Service Regulations, 2001, regarding the conditions of employment of staff in the Gauteng Government.
  • Borrowing Powers of Provincial Government Act, 1996 (Act 48 of 1996)
    Provides norms and conditions which the Department must adhere to in negotiating loans for the Provincial Government.
  • Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998)
    Regulates the processes and procedures of the Department in achieving a diverse and competent workforce broadly representative of the demographics of Gauteng, and eliminating unfair discrimination in employment towards implementing employment equity.
  • Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act, 1997 (Act 97 of 1997)
    Defines the role of the Minister of Finance and Economic Development and that of the Department Finance as representatives of the Provincial Government, in promoting co-operation between other spheres of government on fiscal, budgetary and financial matters; to provide insight into the prescribed processes for the determination of the equitable share and allocation of revenue raised nationally and for matters in connection therewith.
  • Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act 66 of 1995)
    To regulate and guide the Department in recognising and fulfilling its role in effecting labour harmony and the democratisation of the workplace.
  • Municipal Finance Management Act (2004)
    To support and monitor financial management in municipalities.
  • Municipality Systems Act (2000) and Development Facilitation Act (1995)
    To support and monitor municipal Integrated Development Planning (IDP) processes.
  • Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (2000)
    Provides a framework for the implementation of preferential procurement policy.
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act 2 of 2000)
    To give effect to the constitutional right of access to any information held by the State and any information that is held by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights; and to provide for matters connected therewith.
  • Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act 1 of 1999)
    Regulates financial management in the Department to ensure that all revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of the Department are managed efficiently and effectively; to provide for the responsibilities of persons entrusted with financial management in the Department and to provide for matters connected therewith.  To fulfil all Department responsibilities with respect to other departments and public entities.
  • Public Service Act, 1994 (Act 103 of 1994)
    Provides for the organisation and administration of the Department and for human resource management which includes the regulation of conditions of employment, terms of office, discipline, retirement and discharge of staff members of the Department and matters connected therewith.
  • Gauteng Tender Board Repeal Act, 2002
    Gives effect to new procurement reform initiatives in Gauteng.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1995
    Provides a framework for the standards and requirements for workplaces, facilities and employee health and safety.
  • The National Archives Act, 1996
    Provides for the archiving and storage and accessibility of information, and for the manner in which government bodies store documents, papers and records.
  • Public Service laws Amendment Act 1997
    Regulates the functions and conditions of service of heads of provincial departments and the conditions of service of heads of organisational components; provides for the appointment of persons on the grounds of policy considerations; and makes provisions in connection with inefficiency and misconduct
  • Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000
    Gives effect to the right to administrative action that is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair and to the right to written reasons for administrative action as contemplated in section 33 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act , 2004
    The Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act makes corruption a crime. It covers anyone working for government (such as Ministers, department staff, and the police) and people outside of government (like someone working for a business).
  • Government Employees Pension Law, 1996 and 2004 amendment

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